Mardan Foundation
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Introduction to Organization

Mardan Division is geographically, economically and politically an Important region of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province, North of Pakistan. There are some new developments taking place for the uplift of the area but it is still way behind other parts of the country. The main reasons are lack of investment in the past, poverty, lack of education, lack of mass awareness and some social reasons.

Mardan Foundation (MF): The initiative was taken in 2003 by a group of like minded people from Mardan. Some are based in Mardan while others are living outside Mardan. They realised that there was a dire need for the uplift of the entire Division. The majority of the people in Mardan live below the poverty line. Moreover according to the reliable reports the poverty is on the rise.

The initial work was done through a website

This was used for mass awareness and was quite helpful in raising the profile of the team of Mardan Foundation. In Year 2008, the organisation was officially registered with the Department of Social Welfare. The work of the Foundation is run, managed and overseen by a group of highly qualified professionals from different walks of life.

The foundation works for the uplift of the community in general. It mainly focuses on national disasters, emergency reliefs, woman development, child protection, education, human rights, health, environment, natural resource management and sports.

It is a non political and nongovernmental welfare organization, registered with the Department of Social Welfare NWFP Pakistan, under the ordinance of 1961, Registration (DSW/NWFP/2906). In the recent past this organisation is actively involved in the general welfare of the people of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan.



What was not good for Mardan in year 2009?

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