Main Objectives
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Main Objectives of MARDAN Foundation

The following are the main objectives MARDAN Foundation.

Social (Socio-economic) Development

MF is working for the advancement of the social life of the people by providing opportunities for socio-economic development, awareness of human rights, identification of social problems and their remedies, fighting against corruption, injustice, poverty, child labour and social evils. It is working for the improvement and betterment of the society, bringing awareness for peace, democracy, equality, environmental protection and to elevate the moral values.
MF will help localities to maintain their streets, water courses, drains, sanitation, plantation, restoration, maintenance and development of heritage sites and roads. MF will assist the administration and the community in the annihilation of social evils from the society and will help the poor people through free medical camps by giving them their basic need. It will make efforts to discourage child labour with the help of government and rural community and will assist the Government in their poverty alleviation plans.

Education & Basic Skills

MF will help the poor and needy students by providing free useful information, tutorial services as well as books and other learning materials. Help the community in promoting basic education for children and women.
Help devise means for enhancing basic skills of men and women in order to increase their domestic earning. Impart civic education to the community members for establishing a value, thereby creating a sense of responsibility in the rural people. Other informal education related activities will also be performed by this organization.

Basic Health & Sports Facilities

Help the poor people through free medical camps by giving them their basic need. It will liaise with all hospitals / health centres in the area and will work closely with these institutes to promote health awareness. It will work for the establishment of further health facilities in the area. It will promote all kind of healthy sports activities and will work to achieve sports facilities.

Heritage, Cultural & Eco Tourism

MF will help to create awareness amongst the people in promoting Cultural activities. Ruins and relics of old historical cultural of by gone centuries (Takht-i-Bahi, Rani Gut, Jamal Garhai, Shahbaz Garha, Kashmir Smast, Tharali and others) can be preserved through a process of awareness and education of the local people. It will encourage the people to preserve their heritage and will support the steps taken by the local authorities to stop the illegal excavation. It will try to protect these sites for the future generation. This will promote cultural tourism in the whole country.

Environmental Awareness Raising & Environmental Education

MF wants to bring awareness among the people about the Environmental problems and its remedies. The awareness is stretched to common people in general and students in particular. To make the environment clean and beautiful, MF will work on the Environmental Education. It will provide its useful proposals to the relevant authorities.

Community Mobilization & Organization

MF believes that the success of developmental and conservation projects rely on the active participation of local people who are the major stakeholders. MF, therefore, interact with the local people to mobilize and organize them to achieve the objectives of sustainable development and ensure the sustainable utilization of natural resources in Mardan.

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Mardan support rich biological diversity due to a diverse topography. The tract is characterized by sub-tropical evergreen scrub vegetation with Chir pine forest on the upper reaches in the northern parts and plains in the southern parts. The area harbors Kabul markhor, Common leopard, Gray goral, Kalij pheasant, and four species of partridges.

MF collaborates with Mardan Wildlife Division of the NWFP Wildlife Department to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources with the involvement of local communities. Participatory management plans have been developed for Khoi Bermol Game Reserve and Suri Malanderi Game Reserves jointly with the Mardan Wildlife Division.

MF strives to collaborate with other potential organizations to conserve the rich biological heritage of Mardan.